The Blossom Brewer is a precision coffee brewer that uses custom brew recipes to make the most out of any bean. This article will show how to brew a coffee with a pre-loaded recipe. A later article will focus on how to create your own recipes to dial in coffee flavor.

1. Select a recipe for your coffee. Brewing an African Coffee? Try starting with the “Africa” recipe and work from there.  Here we are using a recipe that we created for Blue Bottle Coffee’s Burundi Twese Twoterimbere.


2. We recommend starting with a 15 to 1 brew ratio and working from there to achieve the flavor intensity that you desire. That’s 23.3 grams of coffee for a 350 gram brew.


3. Grind your coffee slightly finer than you do for drip. A consistent grind allows you to extract more flavor compounds from your coffee without bitterness, so we recommend using a high quality burr grinder.


4. Press the button on the user interface to begin your brew. After the brew chamber has filled with water, add your coffee and incorporate it into the water with a spoon.


5. When agitating your coffee, your focus should be on combining any unsaturated or bloomed grounds with your brew water. We find that gentle vertical stirring starting right above the coffee and ending about an inch below it does the trick.


6. Open the valve on the portafilter and lower the plunger into the brew group. Using gentle, even pressure, press out your coffee until only coffee foam comes out of the valve.


7. Enjoy!