The Blossom Brewer is a perfect tool for making delicious and refreshingly bright iced coffee. This guide will show you how to make bypass brewed iced coffee, a process in which coffee concentrate is cooled and diluted to one’s desired flavor intensity with ice. This technique cools the coffee as soon as it is done extracting, trapping many of the aromatic and volatile compounds that would otherwise escape to the atmosphere and producing a chilled cup with a flavor profile distinct from any other method. If you are new to brewing on the Blossom Brewer, we recommend starting here:

1. We recommend starting with a 2.5 to 1 coffee concentrate to ice ratio. For a 350 gram brew, that’s 250 grams of coffee concentrate and 100 grams of ice. Try using a 10.2 to 1 water to coffee ratio for your concentrate. This will equate to around a 14.3 to 1 ratio after your bypass brew is complete. 1 2. To make your coffee concentrate, start with a coffee recipe that you already have dialed in. Reduce the volume by 30% and increase the steep time by 25%. If you use the previously mentioned water to coffee ratios, your concentrate should be around 1.9% total dissolved solids and 20% extraction. For example, we took our recipe for Nossa Familia’s Fazenda Laranjal, reduced our brew volume from 350g to 250g and increased the steep time from 170 seconds to 220 seconds, yielding a properly extracted coffee concentrate. 2 3. After you pour the concentrate over ice, swirl it in your carafe until all of the ice has melted. The coffee should be around room temperature at this point and your total dissolved solids should be around 1.37%. DSC_0177 4. Pour the coffee into a glass with a few large ice cubes and enjoy! 4