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Precise Flavor

The Blossom Brewer is like a sous vide for coffee—it maintains a single temperature for any length of time, accurate within a single degree Fahrenheit. Single temperature brewing removes bitterness caused by high temperature peaks and sourness from cooler temperature lows, giving you powerful control to dial in specific flavors.

Coffee Recipes

Every coffee responds to brewing in its own unique way and is capable of producing a wide range of tastes. The Blossom Brewer’s highly consistent brew process makes it possible to precisely reproduce brewed coffee flavor time and again.  We’ve seen single-origin coffees taste like ripe mango when brewed at 188F and then produce a cup with sweet lemon and caramel notes when brewed at 192F.


Compact and Easy

The Blossom Brewer is the most compact commercial grade single cup coffee brewer on the market—and it runs on standard 110V 20amp power making it an easy addition to any coffee bar or kitchen.  Measuring only 7” wide, it can fit comfortably between an espresso machine and a grinder.

Café Durability Meets Craft Quality

The Blossom Brewer is designed to last years in a high volume retail setting while requiring only routine maintenance.  Each machine is hand assembled with components made of plated brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and borosilicate glass.


PID? We’ve got two

The Blossom Brewer utilizes PID temperature control on both the water boiler and the brew group.  Just tell it what temperature you want and you’ve got it.

It’s not espresso

The Blossom Brewer brews filter style coffee with a flavor profile sort of like Aeropress meets Clover. It’s not espresso and we insist you try it black.

Intelligent Preheat

The Blossom brew group electrically preheats itself to your requested temperature to maximize consistency.  It’s much more precise than systems that require a hot water flush for preheat.

You’re in control

The Blossom Brewer is not a superautomatic machine.  It automates some parts of the process but leaves it open for you weigh, grind, and stir your coffee.

The plunger controls steep time

With most brewers, finer grind results in longer brew time and coarser grind gives you a shorter brew time.  Press-out with our plunger and valve gives you time control regardless of grind.

Beautiful brewing

Brewing with a Blossom Brewer is a beautiful manual process with industrial design from the award-winning Joey Roth Design Studio.  Your Chemex will be jealous.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it taste like?
In general, Blossom brewed coffees have lots of body, are very smooth, and have low bitterness. The nuances of taste are still controlled by the coffee roaster’s vision and the exact brew recipe they use, but given the extra control you can expect them to be great.
What kind of beans can it use? Do I need a grinder?
The Blossom Brewer can brew every kind of coffee or tea. It does not come with a grinder, however we can assist recommending a grinder that suits your needs.
Does it make espresso? Will you ever make an espresso machine?
The Blossom Brewer is designed to make cups of brewed coffee up to 16oz in volume. We plan to focus on coffee brewing (not espresso) devices for the foreseeable future.
Can I buy this for my house? Will it fit under my cabinets?
The Blossom Brewer is easy to install anywhere, running on US standard 110V 20amp power and being able to draw water either from its water reservoir or from a plumbed water supply. It is more powerful and more expensive than casual coffee drinkers would want, but for the dedicated enthusiast it is a fine choice. It is also a tall machine, 36" (92 cm) of clearance is recommended if placing under cabinets.
What filters can I use?
Every Blossom Brewer ships with 300 heavy weight laboratory grade qualitative paper filters, and also with a stainless steel mesh filter.  We’ve found the metal filter to work well with lighter roasted African coffees, and the paper filter to produce great results with just about everything.  Replacement filters can be ordered from Blossom.
How does manual stirring affect the consistency of the brewed coffee?
The way you stir coffee will change how it tastes and the Blossom Brewer requires manual stirring by design. We tested a variety of methods to automate stirring and agitation and found that the best results are still produced by hand. We went on to study the rest of the system and found that when the other variables (temperature, steep time, grind, coffee/water ratio) are controlled, stirring has only a nuanced impact on flavor. Finally, we developed a stirring technique (described here: that is easy to learn and produces consistently great results. By giving you precision controls while still making the process easy and approachable, the Blossom Brewer can help beginners brew better coffee on their first try while still enabling experts to perfect their craft.
Why does it have a lever?
Most coffee brewers result in more brew time with a finer grind, and less brew time with a courser grind. The Blossom Brewer’s lever and plunger allows you to press out your coffee so that the brew time can be controlled independently of the grind size.
How many coffees will it brew?
The Blossom Brewer is designed to brew one cup of coffee at a time, anywhere from 8-16oz in size. Some of our customers brew the maximum 16oz size and use it to serve two 8 oz coffees, or a flight of four 4oz coffees for a tasting. That’s totally cool with us.
Why can you download recipes when you also have to stir manually and use a plunger manually?
The Blossom Brewer heats itself to the proper temperature and dispenses the right amount of water, tells you when to stir, what grind size to use, and how much coffee to use.  We’ve found that most people can learn to brew great cups of coffee in under five minutes using this blend of automation and manual control, that cup-to-cup consistency is much higher than pour-over, and that baristas are able to easily adjust brew recipes if they need to.
How much pressure can the plunger generate?
The plunger was designed to help press out the coffee, not to generate pressure.  By our calculations, under normal use it will build up to 1.3bar of pressure—slightly higher than atmospheric.
What was the One Limited and how is the One Brewer different?
The One Limited was the first product produced by Blossom Coffee.  It was a limited edition, fully custom precision coffee brewing machine.  Each unit featured design elements unique to the customer and only a limited number were ever produced.  In the process of developing and distributing the One Limited, we found that there is a large group of coffee professionals and enthusiasts who desired the precision control technology of the One Limited, but wanted something more versatile and better suited to commercial cafe service.  We went back to the drawing board and redesigned the entire system, maintaining many beautiful design elements of the One Limited and all the precision technology while optimizing for durability in high volume cafe situations.  We paid close attention to manufacturability and volume production so that we could bring the price into a range more suitable for a small business owner.  The result is the One Brewer, a product designed by coffee professionals for the perfectionist in all of us.

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